Bitcoin Mining

The main method of production of Bitcoins still remains “mining” (production). Get them by means of the special utility established on the home computer.

NiceHash Miner program. Extremely simple interface. Information on capacity of the computer and approximate production in a day is removed.

Bitcoin PC

The game desktop (laptops categorically don’t approach) with the powerful video card, at least GeForce GTX 1060 or ATI Radeon RX 480 with good chilling is necessary, the video card will be loaded for 100% for days without a break. Video cards are engaged in disaggregation of the Bitcoins this for production.

But even if your configuration matches, and already decided to become “miner” – not everything so simply.

The above-stated configuration – is the minimum tool for a mining. The profitability of production on the above described computer will make no more than $2 during a day of (0,000794 BTC).

Therefore for increase in speed of production of cryptocurrencies usually buy special “farms” – sheaves from several video cards connected among themselves (from 3-5 and more). The price for such set reaches foreign car used cost. Payback approximately for 2-3 years and it in case of round-the-clock “mining” and load of the power supply network of 800-1500 W.


Simple “farm” for a mining of Bitcoins

For those who look for options of “mining” quicker can pay attention on ASIC майнеры. The cost of such computing “monsters” begins from $2500 – they are created only for “mining” and on capacity exceed farms from 30 video cards, but on anything don’t approach any more.