How to earn 1 bitcoin in a day without investments

How to earn 1 bitcoin in a day without investments

If it is difficult to get bitcoin, it is necessary to consider other methods of its obtaining. Having sent fantastic gifts and the wrong transfers from accounts, it is possible to consider:

  • rendering any services with payment in bitcoins;
  • prize in casino where BTC is specified in the list of possible currencies;
  • games with monetization where such transactions are available.

It seems a fantasy, but such portals really it is possible to eat and get several bitcoins without investments. To calculate, it will occur in a day or in a week — is silly: emergence of such promise on the homepage can be considered a sure sign of swindle. For the majority of the platforms promising earnings in bitcoins, BTC only one of available currencies, and remuneration can be added in any equivalent. It is simple to check cleanliness: writing course or handling of a photo to order shan’t be cost in cryptocurrency much more, than in the fiatny asset multiplied by a rate. Nobody will pay one bitcoin for day of work with mailing or pumping of the account of an online game.

Bitcoin cranes: principle of work and prospect

One of actively advertized methods to receive bitcoin without investments — cryptocurrency cranes. The strange name was pasted to this method of receipt of a digital asset because of literally on a drop squeezed out from Satoshi’s system. The user of the crane won’t receive a treasured coin for nothing, he shall perform a project task:

  • to enter I smoke (a tsifrobukveny code);
  • to look at advertizing;
  • to solve the simplest equation.

Essence — a customer retention on the portal: for this reason cranes force to perform operations regularly, for example, time 15 minutes. Income of the crane is formed from the commission of advertisers or partners: it also shares between clients. Naturally, “droplets” are rather modest BTC. To receive bitcoin at least in a month, it is necessary to start ten cranes and to switch during the day between them, satisfying conditions. However, as investments aren’t required, and tasks are available even to the child, you shouldn’t refuse flatly such income types.
Games with BTC conclusion: how many in a day it is possible to earn

Games with monetization because of the seeming simplicity of earnings as often as possible become fraud forms. Remuneration accrual bases, in bitcoins or any other currency, only three:

  • random (in a game it is necessary to rely on this or that accidental outcome);
  • pro rata (the you spend in a game more time, the remuneration is more considerable);
  • rating (for income acquisition it is necessary to beat the rival in fight or intellectual battle).

Source of money in such projects practically always one — investments of players. Therefore before spending time for this or that game-portal, it is worth reading rules attentively. Most likely, the issued bonuses should be won back, and before a conclusion of bitcoins to personal purses to put the real amount into the account.

It is impossible to equal all projects and to call them a divorce: some teams really pay. But this remuneration — 1-2 100-th Satoshi a week at the first level and possible growth further if the project became popular and inflow of “donat” grew. Even to consider for how many a deposit will become essential, difficult. At worst for the lost months even the minimum amount for a conclusion won’t be gathered.

In conclusion

We will return by the time of with which the overview began: the bitcoin rate promptly goes up, and the level in 30 thousand dollars for unit by 2020th year called by one of the leading stock exchange analysts doesn’t seem such unattainable any more. And though it is already impossible to earn 1 bitcoin a day, you shouldn’t be upset. Growth of a rate gives the grounds to consider that even Satoshi’s couple of, earned in a game or from the crane, will become the good equity. Therefore, you shouldn’t dismiss any of methods of earnings of bitcoins: at the moment cryptocurrency — the unique opened and decentralized industry giving hope to grow rich without global investments. Therefore, still not late, it is worth investing money in bitcoin and to save the small equity promising to be increased in the shortest possible time.