Mining and its prospects in 2018

About a mining (production) of a Bitcoin by own forces on the household computer it is already possible to forget. No video cards which after a mining-agiotage seriously grew in price are relevant. With complexity of the calculations necessary for disaggregation of the block, only ASIC devices, that is the equipment expected specific transaction already cope.

But even these gadgets can’t guarantee good income: to earn one bitcoin a month it is necessary to operate the equipment round the clock, and in day only “farms” — cards, united in the general block can yield the same revenue.

Mining and its prospects in 2018

Miner, of course, found an exit:

  • lease of the equipment;
  • participation in a general pool;
  • cloudy mining.

The difference of these processes consists only in a share of direct participation of “miner”. In case of lease the entrepreneur who decided to earn from production of bitcoin signs the real agreement with any (more often Asian) a pool, paying monthly coming bills. The last included also costs for the electric power, and cost of depreciation of the equipment.

Production by a pool increases chance of finding of the block for which both large, and small associations hunt. Miner with the personal modest device becomes a part of the integrated cash rate. If its coalition gets the block, it can expect a part of income pro rata to the enclosed capacity. Such system increases its chance of work without single calculations.

Cloudy mining — the pointless system of participation. Miner acts as the investor investing in purchase and start of the equipment any of associations.

Cloud mining doesn’t require presence at network and doesn’t load the equipment. Extracting can not know even in what country the pool share purchased by it works: he just regularly receives some part of means. Naturally, the share is directly pro rata to amount of invested funds. To earn bitcoin in a day, it is necessary to place several hundreds of coins on the account of “cloud”.

Mining and its prospects in 2018

As well as everything, as for the cryptocurrency industry, the mining develops and undergoes changes. So she from the Asian companies who is engaged in release of household appliances promises to provide next year TVs and conditioners which will earn bitcoins for the owners. Even it is more: already there are on sale heating coppers which mining in the course of work. The idea is simple: that time when the device is in an inactive phase, that is is included in network, but doesn’t work, it is synchronized with a pool and begins to mining. No technological base for such activities is required any more: the smart equipment managed on the Internet is in each apartment. It was necessary only to change the software that the conditioner counted blocks while it owners at work, and translated got on the specified purses.

Unfortunately, to a mining via the iron still far, and the commission for production of the block already constitutes only 12,5 dollars. Next time it will be reduced in 2020. And though implementation of the Lightning Network protocol promises to simplify calculations, from scratch without investments to earn the whole bitcoin in a day by a mining is already unreal.