RusGas: Russian analog of Bitcoin

In December, 2017 the president of Venezuela announced creation of national cryptocurrency of El Petro. He called this step a guarantee to the country of financial independence, considering that online money will play a crucial role by search of additional receipts in the budget of the state. The gold, diamonds and oil extracted in the territory of Venezuela will become providing cryptocurrency.

The world community skeptically reacted to this news. However by results of a preseyl start of El Petro brought to the country more than 5 billion dollars. It is possible that the successful debut of the Venezuelan national cryptocurrency influenced adoption by the President of Russia of the decision on project development on creation of the Russian cryptocurrency.


The news resource reports that the president Vladimir Putin is confident in importance of digital technologies for our country and in a possibility of own electronic currency to strengthen an economic situation of Russia. There are no official comments yet, but there was information that the national cryptocurrency will be called RusGas.

Technologies with use of this token can become a calculation method within the country and beyond its limits, helping the gas entities to increase efficiency of the order own finance and to optimize expenses. The cost of RusGas will regulate exclusively market, the project will be decentralized. In case of the increased demand and emergence of deficit of electronic currency its price can grow considerably both at the exchanges, and at sellers of gas, to $30 for unit.

Experts already note the interest of traders in the new project which entry into the market is expected by April, 2018. Both the Russian, and foreign investors will be able to purchase cryptocurrency — but whether they will manage to make it? It is known that demand for some projects based on technology a blockchain exceeds offers. They are bought up by investors during the first hours of start.