What can be purchased for bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a payment service provider.

Respectively, with its help purchases are performed. In the first years of existence of cryptocurrency all transactions were carried out unofficial. Buyers and sellers communicated in chats (mIRC, Miranda), social networks, at forums. At a forum there was the best-known purchase of goods for bitcoin. It is considered the first purchase something for cryptocurrency. The user with laszlo nickname on May 18 the 2010th year created a subject at the forum BitcoinTalk with the name “Pizza for bitcoins?”. In it he asked who could order to it two pizzas for 10 000 BTC. For a moment it was the equivalent of 30 dollars. A certain English user agreed to the offer and ordered laszlo pizza. And the first and best-known purchase with BTC use was made.

What can be purchased for bitcoin

Since that moment there passed not a lot of time, and BTC as a payment option developed to global scales. In the summer of the 2017th year it became known that 260 000 retail stores in Japan will begin to accept BTC. It is an important step on the way to globalization of payments to BTC. Where to spend bitcoins in the world, read in this material.

Every month there is news that in some point of the world the coffee house, bar or restaurant with support of payments in cryptocurrencies opens. In the certain countries taxi drivers use bitcoin. The Coinmap card gives the chance to find shops and services which accept bitcoin near you.

To understand payment opportunities of bitcoin, we constituted the list of the popular companies supporting cryptocurrency:

Dell – Computer equipment, IT of the USA
AppStore – IT of the USA
Microsoft – IT of the USA
Expedia – Tourism (reservation of accommodation and air tickets) USA
Amazon – Trade of the USA
Ebay – Trade of the USA
Sacramento Kings – Sport of the USA
Wikipedia – Internet of the USA
RE/MAX – Real estate Great Britain
Victoria’s Secret – Clothes of the USA
Tesla – of the Car of the USA
Reddit – Internet of the USA
Valve/Steam – Internet of the USA
T-mobile – Poland Communication Poland
Naughty America – Adult of the USA
Subway – Food of the USA

BTC is suitable for purchase of food, the car, the apartment, the order of the flight ticket or for hotel booking. Moreover, the separate universities accept payments for training in bitcoins. In the USA supporters of Republican Party can offer money for its development in BTC. The cryptocurrency reached even space. It is used by the Virgin Galactic company working in the sphere of space tourism.