Where take Bitcoin?

The bitcoin, as well as any other cryptocurrency, is got through use of hardware capacity of computers, and is more right than processors and video cards. This process is called a mining. If in 2009-2010 for production of bitcoins it was possible to use the regular computer, then powerful installations – farms are for this purpose necessary now. In these farms tens, and sometimes and hundreds of video cards or special ASIC processors unite. This equipment costs thousands of dollars and requires additional leaving and availability of technical skills. This method of receipt of BTC isn’t suitable for beginners. First, many costs are necessary. Secondly, there are too much nuances. And in some countries the mining is forbidden at all.

Where take Bitcoin?

There are other methods to get bitcoin:

Exchangers. In network there are services exchanging fiatny currency on cryptocurrency. On open spaces of RuNet the AlfaCashier resource holds big authority. Absolutely safe and checked service, the exchange of cryptocurrencies offering services.

Exchanges of cryptocurrencies. Resources on which business in cryptocurrency is done. The largest exchanges: CEX.IO, EXMO, Livecoin. Bitcoin rates on different platforms can differ.

Bitcoin cranes. These are the services which are free of charge distributing to visitors cryptocurrency. For receipt of a small amount of BTC to fill I smoke enough or to make other trifle. In network of their one hundred.

Trading floors. And still it is possible to sell goods for Bitcoin. Where? Yes at least in Amazon or Ebay. There is a specialized website in this area – Purse.io.

Self-service terminals. It is possible to receive BTC and via regular terminals. There are also specialized Bitcoin-ATMs – at them both the rate is better, and technology more modern. Meanwhile in the CIS they weren’t widely adopted.