Where to spend Bitcoin?

The bitcoin is improbable cryptocurrency. Benefits and opportunities which it opens, seem infinite. However, all merits don’t matter if we simply store or we sell our coins, without having an opportunity to spend them for some things. The bitcoin will become successful world currency only when people use it as habitual fiatny currencies for which it is possible to purchase anything. Fortunately, many places appeared recently where it is possible to pay off with bitcoins. Some of them were specially created for such calculations. In this material you learn where to spend the bitcoins (online and offline), without rummaging all Internet in search of the necessary information.

Where to spend Bitcoin?

1 – Purchase online

It is frequent it is more profitable to pay goods with bitcoins, than fiatny currencies. Besides, many shops allow additional discounts in case of payment in cryptocurrency. The problem consists to find the necessary goods in what happens not easy if you have for this purpose no special tools. Fortunately, we have several useful counters which we want to share with you.


The search engine Spendabit gives the chance to find several million goods which are available to purchase for bitcoin. The system finds various trade platforms and shops which correspond to your requests in the Internet. It is simple to use Spendabit: it is necessary just to hammer a required product in a search box. The system allows to find both large, and small shops.


OpenBazaar is the platform which is completely decentralized by e-commerce. Calculations happen only in bitcoins without any additional fees. You can load the application OpenBazaar or use Duosearch search engine (a product from OpenBazaar) for search of desired products.


Purse.io the tool for owners of gift cards which can purchase for you goods in exchange on your bitcoins. It is best method to sell a gift card of Amazon for money. The algorithm of work is extremely simple: it is necessary to choose goods and to pay purchase with bitcoin. Owners of gift cards of Amazon use the certificate for payment of yours the order in exchange for your bitcoins. It means that if you have excess gift cards, you can also use the Purse.io system.

2 – Cards

Do you want to find local shops which accept bitcoin, but don’t know where to look for them? Fortunately, there are several excellent tools for search of places where it is possible to purchase goods for bitcoins.


Coinmap – from “coin” – a coin, and “map” – the card. It the fact that you imagine when you read this word. The tool represents the world map which displays location of shops which accept bitcoin. The card is simple in use: just reduce scale to find points in the city.


SpendBitcoins also allows to find on the card of the sellers accepting bitcoin. Though this card is less popular, than previous, on it it is possible to find other sellers who aren’t on Coinmap.


Unlike other services, CoinATMRadar won’t help you to find the shops accepting bitcoin. Nevertheless, it with ease will find Bitcoin the ATM in every spot on the globe that you could convert quickly and easily your bitcoins into fiatny currency. It is very convenient if you with yourself have only bitcoins, but nearby they aren’t accepted as payment anywhere.

Now you know where it is possible to pay off with bitcoins therefore you can safely spend them for goods which wanted long ago! Let’s make bitcoin popular, using it in our regular purposes.